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Tidbits For Participants



v      Pay attention to your Life Action Plan Deadlines
Your Life Action Plan needs to be submitted at least one week before your current plan expires. If you do not complete your Life Action Plan in a timely manner, there can be a gap in your coverage. If this gap exists, services rendered during this gap will not be reimbursed to you or paid to your provider. Please take responsibility for your Life Action Plan by completing it in advance of your previous Life Action Plan expiration date to ensure your continuity of care. 

v      Plan Amendments
Life Action Plan amendments are approved by your Recovery Coach. Plan amendments are done for an urgent situation only. For example, amending medication, doctor visits, including therapy and dental are acceptable reasons to amend a Plan. 

v      Changing Your Recovery Coach
Florida Self-Directed Care seeks to provide you more choices in your recovery services. After your initial enrollment, participants have the option to change recovery coaches, as they deem necessary / no more than once per month. This change will be effective the first of the following month. This change needs to be requested by contacting the Florida Self-Directed Care Program at 904-807-1306, or If the new Recovery Coach you have chosen is at capacity, your name will be placed on a waiting list. You will continue with your present recovery coach until an opening is available. 

v      Communication
As a participant in the Florida Self-Directed Care Program, it is your responsibility to keep in contact with your Recovery Coach, particularly if your contact information has changed.