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Being A Provider in the Self-Directed-Care Network

The FloridaSDC Program is an adult mental health program funded by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families.  Program participants are responsible for budgeting the funds allotted by the State for their mental health care and for selecting the services and providers that will best facilitate their recovery and return to a productive lifestyle. 

Being a member of the FloridaSDC Provider Network is much like being a member of other private insurance networks.  We provide pre-authorization and a guarantee of payment on a quarterly basis for services requested by the participant.  Payment for services is rendered upon receipt of your invoice.  There is a preferred fee schedule, which is attached in this section.  Rates may also be negotiated when necessary.   

A number of our program participants opt to use their funds to purchase optometry and dental services, which are typically not covered by other public assistance programs.  These specialized providers are encouraged to enroll.

Benefits of being an in-network provider with FloridaSDC:  A Provider Directory is sent to all participants listing all enrolled providers are in the SDC network.  As an in-network provider, payment for services rendered is paid directly to the provider. 

If you have any questions about the FloridaSDC Program or would like to request a provider enrollment packet, please call 904.807-1306 or email