Recommended Stigma Websites


Raise Consciousness of Your Own Biases

This website provides several hidden bias tests, such as religious, physical disability, sexual orientation, and body image bias that you may take on the website. Go to ‘dig deeper – explore your hidden biases’ sidebar, this directs you to the ‘Dig Deeper’ page where you then click on ‘take a test’.


Challenging Stereotypes/Role Models

The website has success stories of people in recovery from schizophrenia. This site also lists famous people with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

The NAMI website also lists famous people with mental illnesses. At the NAMI Search engine, type ‘People with mental illness enrich our lives.’


Challenging Stigma

ADS center: Resource Center to Address Discrimination and Stigma.

A program of the US Department of Health and Human services, SAMHSA and other federal agencies designed to provide information and resources to decrease stigma. Describes international, national, and local anti-stigma programs (under ‘Resources’ sidebar, choose ‘Campaign and Programs’). Provides information on stigma research, various fact sheets, and brochures. Includes ‘How-to Tips for Employers’ who may be hiring people with psychiatric disabilities (under ‘ Resources’ sidebar, choose ‘Issues’).



Go to dropdown box ‘Take Action’ and choose ‘Fight Stigma’. You may browse their archives of StigmaBusters Alerts about inaccurate and hurtful representations of mental illness in the media. You may also sign up to receive regular StigmaBusters Alerts via email.